Discovery challenges (ages 10-14)

Typically completed by 10-14 year olds, students work collaboratively on a five hour project or challenge in self-managed groups. During the project, they use a CREST Discovery passport to record and reflect on their work. Afterwards, students communicate their findings as a group presentation.

Each pack provides teaching guides, kit lists, example timetables and suggested starter activities to help you run your day. Find out more about CREST Discovery Awards.

There are more CREST approved resources that have been developed by our partners and providers specific to your region.

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CREST Discovery Passport

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1. Your role 2. Team

1. Your role 2. Team working What was your role in the team? What was your best contribution to the team? 4. Research 5. Knowledge How did you find out information to help you with the challenge? Do you know more about the topic of the challenge that when you started the day? (circle one) ➔ ➔ Lots A bit No Did you manage your time well? Could you have done more research to help your team? (circle one) How did what you learned help you with the challenge? How did you support other team members? No Maybe Yes Were you fully involved in the challenge? (circle one) Explain why you think this: What is the most interesting or surprising fact that you learned today? Some of the time All day 3. Problem solving Did your team achieve everything you were asked to do? (circle one) Yes Mostly No What was the biggest challenge to you personally? 6. Skills What would you say are the three main skills that you have learned or improved today? 1. 2. 3. Explain your answer: ➔