Discovery challenges (ages 10-14)

Typically completed by 10-14 year olds, students work collaboratively on a five hour project or challenge in self-managed groups. During the project, they use a CREST Discovery passport to record and reflect on their work. Afterwards, students communicate their findings as a group presentation.

Each pack provides teaching guides, kit lists, example timetables and suggested starter activities to help you run your day. Find out more about CREST Discovery Awards.

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Unboxed Creations Student Pack

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Workshop 1 Draw a

Workshop 1 Draw a Scientist Job profiles Name: Dev Joshi Job title: Technical Director What is my job? I am responsible for directing the technical development and delivery for the Dreamachine. The Dreamachine project is an immersive, magical experience of light and music exploring a colourful world unfolding behind your eyes. I work with our team and partners, to ensure seamless delivery of the project from, audience experience, ticketing, participant research and everything in between. How is my job linked to creativity? I collaborate with specialists and the creative team to build the tools and processes which we work with to create the Dreamachine’s specialist media. There’s always testing, problem solving and decision making to do as well as continuing research and development tasks. Name: Leah Gowing Job title: Architectural Trainee What is my job? An architect’s job is to look into the fine details – making sure everything is neatly built, accessible for all, and structurally sound. For the PoliNations project (a city centre architectural forest), I spend time in the studio creating render images for marketing, social media and the website. When I’m on site, I work on floor plans, as well as getting involved in the planting, building, and decorating. . How is my job linked to creativity? My job is filled with creativity, it includes a lot of creative problem solving and thinking ahead to what issues or opportunities may arise. I have to be creative in my thinking; how can I design a building that’s adaptable and shaped by the community, rather than creating a concept that is alien to its surroundings? Name: Annabelle Ohene Job title: Graduate Engineer What is my job? My job is within the system architects team and I’m responsible for looking at different pieces of technology and bringing them together to create the best possible outcomes. I worked with a team to develop an innovative, geo-locating lighting system called Geolights. How is my job linked to creativity? A huge part of my role as a graduate engineer with SIEMENS is proving how the science, technology and arts industries can complement each other. I work with people across science, technology, engineering, arts and maths and this allows me to be creative within my role. 8

Workshop 1 Draw a Scientist Job profiles Name: Luke Blakely Job title: Educator/Performer What is my job? In my main job, I coordinate and deliver circus workshops and creative education programmes. I also work as a street theatre performer, performing science themed circus shows where I try to get to the heart of scientific concepts and highlight the beauty and magnificence of these to the audiences. How is my job linked to creativity? Working in the disciplines of science and creative arts allows the two to be combined. Science has always interested me but so has music, performing arts and circus arts. Every day is unique, and I have freedom when creating new material for my job to be able to share my passions to inspire and entertain. Name: Nicole Stott Job title: Astronaut, Aquanaut and Artist What is my job? As an astronaut, I have had the experience to fly in space and explore the heights of outer space, as well as exploring the depths of our oceans, where I lived underwater for an extended period of time on the Aquarius undersea habitat. How is my job linked to creativity? As an artist, I creatively combine the awe and wonder of my spaceflight experience with my artwork to inspire everyone's appreciation of our role as crewmates here on Spaceship Earth. Name: Lucy Wheeler Job Title: Creative Technologist What is my job? I am responsible for understanding user experience, design aesthetics and accessibility. I provide technical guidance and advice for creative approaches in game engine software by looking at software development and user experience. How is my job linked to creativity? A lot of the projects I work on are interdisciplinary and offer new ways to look at things. I am often part of interesting collaborations with practitioners from various fields working on a broad range of creative projects and learning about other people’s creative approaches. 9


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