Discovery challenges (ages 10-14)

Typically completed by 10-14 year olds, students work collaboratively on a five hour project or challenge in self-managed groups. During the project, they use a CREST Discovery passport to record and reflect on their work. Afterwards, students communicate their findings as a group presentation.

Each pack provides teaching guides, kit lists, example timetables and suggested starter activities to help you run your day. Find out more about CREST Discovery Awards.

There are more CREST approved resources that have been developed by our partners and providers specific to your region.

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Unboxed Creations Teacher Pack

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CREST Discovery Award

CREST Discovery Award Students should complete the CREST Discovery Passport, available at When you assess the Passport to submit the Awards, you will be recognising the skills that students will gain through participation in the day. Before the project CREST certificates: Discovery certificates can be ordered in advance of completing a project, with space for you to hand-fill student names, or can be ordered once the project is complete. Visit to order certificates. Run the project The activities in these packs can be done in one day or over a period of shorter sessions, whichever suits you. Students should spend 5 hours on the project. You can download the Discovery Passport when you create your CREST account by following the link above. Reflection So, your students have been hard at work and completed their CREST project, but don't let this be the end of their learning. At the end of the project ask all students to complete their Discovery Passport. This is a chance for them to reflect on all the interesting things they've learnt and the invaluable skills they have used. Enter your project for a CREST Discovery Award Hard work deserves a reward! Celebrate and certify your students’ achievements by entering their project for a CREST Discovery Award. Simply: 1. Log in to your CREST account at 2. Create a project and provide details. 3. Check the participating students have met each of the criteria on the teacher assessment page. 4. Finally, complete the delivery and payment details to order your snazzy certificates. 5. Congratulations on completing CREST Discovery! What next? The scientific discovery doesn't need to end here. Students can have a go at the next level up - CREST Bronze. Don't keep all the fun to yourselves, encourage others to take part in CREST projects and share the wonder of science! For free ideas on how to get started, see 14

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