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Typically completed by 10-14 year olds, students work collaboratively on a five hour project or challenge in self-managed groups. During the project, they use a CREST Discovery passport to record and reflect on their work. Afterwards, students communicate their findings as a group presentation.

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5 years ago

Wild creations

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9 Job descriptions

9 Job descriptions Marketing Manager Your role is to work closely with the Design Engineer and Graphic Designer to ensure people know all about your project. You will need to: • Think about different ways of marketing your Wild Creation • Decide how and why you will tell people about your Wild Creation • Think about a name and slogan for your Wild Creation • Produce a selection of marketing materials to use as examples in the presentation, e.g. radio ads, flyers, social media STEM/Materials Researcher Your role is to research and provide key information to other team members about the STEM links and materials used. You will need to: • Use the resources in the Information Pack to recommend the most suitable materials for your Wild Creation • Make sure you consider how STEM is featured in your project • Prepare a report on what aspect of STEM you have included in your project and why, e.g. material analysis, subject matter, structures, forces • Work with the Finance Manager to negotiate the cost of individual materials and work out how savings could be made, if required Cost of materials Notes Material Cost Indoor Outdoor Structural framework underneath the sculpture (art straws) Gas pipe for use inside a sculpture Plinth or mounting block to hold the ‘Wild Creation’ (paper) Take the outside dimensions of your ‘Wild Creation’ sculpture and measure the volume of material in m³ needed to build this Stainless steel tube Scaffolding poles Wood £55 per m £47 per m £18 per m Copper pipe £50 per m ü ü Stone £800 per m³ ü ü Wood £150 per m³ ü ü Fibreglass £350 per m³ ü ü Bronze Stone ü ü See the graph on page 10 Stainless steel ü ü Fibreglass ü ü MDF (wood) High-density foam ü ü How big? The Ball in the Wall is 7m high x 4m wide ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü 4

5 How to work out the cost of your Wild Creation Framework of Wild Creation Every 1cm of material you use in your physical model = 1m at actual size. Refer to the chart for the cost per metre of different materials. Volume of Wild Creation Working out the cost of the sculpture is extremely difficult when you don’t know the exact amounts of materials you are using, so you are going to estimate cost by working with volumes. Take the outside dimensions of your Wild Creation sculpture and work out the volume. For example ‘the shape I created is 3cm x 4cm x 5cm’. Volume in cm³ = length x breadth x height = 3 x 4 x 5 = 60cm³ Then use the graph on page 10 to decide which material to use. Example locations School entrance foyer Civic centre/public space Area of Wild Creation Work out the total area covered by your Wild Creation using the same dimensions as you used to work out the volume. Area in cm² = length x breadth = 3 x 4 = 12cm² Area for invited guests Number of guests x suggested area per person e.g. 0.5 m² per person. Total area required for Wild Creation Area of Wild Creation + area of guests + area of additional items. Now use the charts to assign costs for individual materials based on the above information. Tourist attraction How big? 8 The Angel of the North is 20m high with a wingspan of 54m


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